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  • Just In Time - Data Analysis

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  • Data analysis


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📊 Supply Chain Analytics with Just In Time: Key Takeaways 📊

💼 Our recent work in supply chain analytics allowed me to explore data-driven strategies for optimal decision-making.
📋 Key Steps in Data Preparation:
Data Integration: Merged orders_and_shipments.csv, inventory.csv, and fulfillment.csv for a 360-degree view.
Date Normalization: Consolidated ‘Order Year’, ‘Order Month’, and ‘Order Day’ into ‘Order Date’. Applied a similar process for shipment dates.
Financial Insights: Determined net sales using the formula:
Net Sales = Gross Sales * (1 – Discount %)

Operational Metrics: Calculated shipment lead times and monthly inventory costs for sharper insights.

🖌️ Dashboard Highlights:
KPIs like Gross Sales, Net Sales, Total Profit, and Order Count.

Trend Analysis: Monitored monthly sales, profit, and shipment lead times.
Geographic Spread: Map visuals of sales by country and heatmaps by market.
Product Insights: Deep dives into sales by departments and categories.
Inventory Control: Analyses of monthly costs and warehouse efficiencies.
🧠 Findings:
Identified top-performing product categories.
Spotlighted efficient warehouses.
Highlighted key sales regions.
Assessed shipment mode performance.
Unearthed potential savings in inventory costs.
This executive overview illuminates the meticulous analysis undertaken on Just In Time’s supply chain mechanics. The distilled insights aim not only to guide stakeholders in their decision-making processes but also to amplify operational effectiveness and pave the way for sustained growth. By pinpointing critical areas, from inventory nuances to shipment intricacies, Just In Time stands ready to tactically mitigate inefficiencies and capitalize on avenues for enhancement.
Our dynamic dashboard transforms this data into an intuitive narrative, granting stakeholders a lucid view of intricate supply chain patterns. Equipped with these revelations, Just In Time sets the stage to elevate customer experiences, streamline its operations, and fortify its market standing.
✍️ Our journey with Just In Time has been enlightening, to say the least. With Power BI as our tool of choice, we’ve transformed complex data into actionable insights, guiding JIT towards a brighter, data-driven future.

Here’s the link to the GitHub of this project: https://lnkd.in/eGckxTGQ